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Nihility Thus spoke the antichrist CD Standard
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Die Blackened Death Metal-Band Nihility veröffentlicht mit Thus spoke the antichrist´´ ihr Debütalbum. Die Portugiesen haben es in den Ultrasound Studios aufgenommen, das Cover-Artwork stammt aus der Feder von Gustave Doré (Atrocity u.a.).´´

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The Virgin of Guadalupe: The History and Legacy...
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No other artwork in the world is comparable to the Virgin of Guadalupe. What makes this painting unique - located in the Basilica of Guadalupe, north of Mexico City - is not precisely its artistic quality, as is the case with the Mona Lisa by Leonardo or The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, nor its place in the evolution of painting. It clearly does not constitute a landmark in art history, and the most visited painting in the world is certainly not the summit or the harbinger of a new aesthetic movement, like Dali´s melting watches or Van Gogh´s Starry Night. In fact, for some, the execution of the image is coarse and all its elements fit well known techniques. For others, it is merely a copy of a sculpture of the Virgin found in Spain. What distinguishes the Virgin of Guadalupe of Mexico is her universality: unlike any work of art in the world, it can be recognized by any local resident, certainly the most ubiquitous symbol in her country. It would be difficult to find a Mexican who cannot name her. The other thing that makes the Virgin of Guadalupe incomparable is her power to unite her nation, something that has been widely demonstrated throughout history. At different moments, and raised by different hands, the Virgin of Guadalupe (never the original painting) has led the troops that changed the history of the territory now known as Mexico. Not even a few hours had passed after the start of the War of Independence when the rebel army was already carrying the image of Guadalupe; in the twentieth century the image was present at the indigenous rebellion in Chiapas in 1994 and also materialized during the Mexican ´´perestroika´´ of 2000, which ended the single-party regime that had lasted for seven decades. Going further back, during Mexico´s conquest, Hernán Cortés carried an image of the Virgin that, to the disinterested observer, is obviously the prototype of the Mexican Madonna. For some, Guadalupe is the work of a talented Indian painter, an 1. Language: English. Narrator: Scott Clem. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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