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Clingmans Dome Revealed: A Natural, Historical ...
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Sacred to the Cherokee, logged by entrepreneurs and preserved by visionaries, the highest peak in the Smoky Mountains has a diverse and varied history. A background intermingled with discovery, war, spirituality, tragedy, inspiration and natural beauty, Clingmans Dome stands sentinel over Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Secret, untold and unique stories unravel through the intriguing details that go beyond the iconic spiral observation deck to include the adjoining areas so intrinsically linked. Illustrated with photographs and presented in a straight forward and easy to read format, the fascinating insight provides a unique perspective into this distinctive peak and the surrounding slopes. In the shadows of Clingmans Dome, a great national park evolved, the idea for the Wilderness Society was kindled, Cherokee hid to avoid the Trail of Tears, a two thousand mile hiking trail crests no higher and a postage stamp featured the magnificent artwork supplied by the setting sun. Rising above the Southern Appalachians to an elevation of 6,643 feet, the early history of the summit was influenced by Native Americans and European Explorers, the landscape modernized by the Civilian Conservation Corps and Mission 66, and the natural beauty is currently under attack by a nearly microscopic intruder. Known to the Cherokee as Kuwahi and the early European settlers as Smoky Dome, the story of what is now the most accessible peak in the Smoky Mountains is captured. The remarkable history of Clingmans Dome is revealed highlighting the fascinating natural, historical and cultural gem that stands prominently over the Smoky Mountains. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Frank B. Wright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Italian Frescos: From Giotto to Tiepolo
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A tribute to the excellence of Italian frescoes in a large-format volume, featuring the paintings in extraordinary detail--a prestigious volume for the art lover´s library. Between the fourteenth and the eighteenth centuries, the art of fresco painting was to be found across all regions of Italy. This volume aims to illustrate the most significant periods still visible today in churches, convents, and in the palaces of the Italian courts, as well as in the villas of the enlightened aristocracy. Starting with Giotto, the great pictorial cycles from across the centuries--the fourteenth century, the golden centuries of the Renaissance, the Baroque, and the Venetian eighteenth century--are all presented in stunning reproductions. The highquality images are displayed full-page, along with several close-ups that allow the reader to observe details of the artwork in a way that, in reality, would be close to impossible, as many frescoes are painted on inaccessible walls, vaults, and domes. An introduction written by a well-known historian of Italian art narrates how the art of fresco painting originated and developed in Italy. Each period is also briefly introduced by a historical-artistic fact sheet.

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